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Chumming task bugged and impossible to complete


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Hi, I've got a problem with the Chumming task for Skier. Apparently I'm not the only one.

I've completed every sub-task except placing the 3 last gold chains on woods, under the book on the mattress. I say I'm not the only one because a quick google search lead me to a video of a guy having the exact same problem at the exact same stage in the quest. Here's the video in question 


I've tried many many times, tried every angle, tried to jump on the bed, to crouch, stand, lean, pretty much everything, to get the gold chains out of my pouch and into my pockets... I hoped the last patch would maybe fix it but apparently it didn't, I tried once again recently and it still didn't work, so assuming that this shack is the right one, and that the information on the English wiki is up to date, this quest appears to be broken and impossible to complete if you try to do this particular subtask last.

So unless the devs become aware of this issue and manage to fix it I'd recommend you do this subtask first, because plenty of my friends have done this task with no issues, they just did the PMC kills on interchange last like I assume most people do.

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Have you submitted a bug report in regards to the task?

If not please do, so that they become aware. Giving as much information regarding the bug, even including that video would help.

Also, to test a theory, empty the safe next to you, and then look to the right of the safe and see if it gives you the place icon, tuck yourself in that corner. then turn around on the spot to face the bed.

Lemme know if that works! 



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