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New Player Scav Spawn Times Need to be Corrected...


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Ever since the last big patch the spawn times have been very notably changed. As a reference since I play Reserve almost exclusively recently, I will use that as a guideline. Before the patch, I regularly spawned in at around 41 minutes, 35 minutes, occasionally 30 minutes. I never spawned under that time unless there was sync or server issues. However, post-patch, my regular spawn time is around 25 minutes. In fact, I haven't gotten a 41 minute spawn yet that I've noticed. I have gotten a few 35s, but they are few and far between.

The reason for my post tonight is I got a new one. No sync or connection issues, very smoothly load-in at 8 minutes and 30 seconds on the dot. I spawned near the meds building and couldn't believe the timer. This is not a realistic timer for someone to have time to play with after having waited anywhere between 3-5 minutes (on a good search) to have it go back to a cooldown of 10-15 minutes if you've upgraded your intelligence server. I can at least understand 25 minutes as it's enough to get scavenge, maybe get some kills on late-game PMCs, or get some raider loot. But 8 and a half minutes doesn't give you even enough time to clear one dorm building full sprint checking the big containers and then get to exfil with a comfortable amount of time left, let alone be cautious enough to not get taken out by aforementioned PMCs or raiders.

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the extremes i have been dealt with scav spawns are:

3 min left on customs (i didnt even have time to sprint to an exit but kept loot even though i was LIR) 

i think i got spawned in with 42min left on customs once  i am certain i have also had 37min left on customs another time 

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Sorry to hear that the new Scav spawn times are off, when encountering issues like these its imperative that you report them trough the launcher.

If you spawn with less then 5 minutes left in the raid, i highly recommend you submit a bug report with the following information.

1. Short description of the problem
2. Explain what happened (As detailed as possible.)
3. How to reproduce the problem (in this case that would be "to reproduce the problem you need to load into (map) as a scav.)
4. Session ID (Bottom left of the screen.) 
5. Logs (listed below in the report menu.)
6. YouTube video of this happening

then the development team can effectively hunt down the root of the issue and fix it ASAP.

i do apologize that my answer might to be satisfactory, but its trough the community's help we can make Tarkov the best game it can be.

All the best,
Emissary of Sweden.

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10 hours ago, MylesE said:

For Reserve specifically, this was part of the 12.8 patch. 

5 minutes is a bit odd... But 10-12 isn't unusual now.

I didn't have 5, it was 8 min 30s. The other player had 5 min on Customs. While I appreciate they said scavs can spawn later in the raid, I think reducing it to the 25 I recounted would be applicable. Spawning in at anything under 15 isn't even worth playing on that map and is a waste of the player's time. Perhaps just my opinion, but I wish there was a little bit more transparency on what "later in the raid" is defined as.

Thanks for pointing it out though, I completely missed it in the notes.

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Okay, I missed the Edit cut off time, but I just got the 10 minutes you were talking about. I waited 5 minutes for the server to find a game, then get spawned in at 10 minutes. Everything is dead except for 2 scavs, everything is looted, nothing is around. That was the biggest waste of time I have ever spent playing this game. I grabbed whatever I could find and killed anything moving just so I could walk out with something.


As a scav, I usually don't walk out with a bulging bag, but I do like getting enough money items to make the run worthwhile to not be on my PMC. The whole reason Scav runs exist is to fund PMC's gear and have no risk of lost items. There is nothing in there at all that says Scavs should be able to walk out with 500k or however many rubles must have been the problem for this change to be implemented. But playing a Scav should still be FUN. Not getting the full 50 minutes that PMCs get and the first dibs on loot is understandable. But getting 20% the time that PMCs do with more than 50% if not more of the gear already gone let's people do what exactly? Run around and get to know the map? Something that they could do on Offline mode and feel at least more gratified by having AI or loot locations to check to see what spawns there?

This really seems to boil down to one of two things:

1) The RMT hacking squads that are almost always Scav now have become such a problem that again just like last time the players have to shoulder the inconvenience as Nikita and the other Devs try to make it even more difficult for them to get money. Something they could have hugely reduced just by turning off the "instant-spawn" feature of the Alarm switch spawning Raiders for them to farm and make bank on.


2) They really don't want you to play or enjoy Scav runs. The goal is to make them so unenjoyable that people primarily play their PMCs. If this is the reason why to make such a nasty change to the time, then why not just remove the Scav option entirely?


At least in my opinion, if Scavs are going to have cooldowns of 15 minutes or more then the latest time they spawn should be higher than their cooldown timer. 

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You are a Scav tho you take the rest no one really want, yesterday in 10 minutes I found 2 GPU's on Interchange and went to my exfil, I think the time is pretty good to loot, you just have to be fast (like a Scav) if you want the fresh stuff then go as PMC but as I said, a Scav is just a Scav, takes the loot that nobody wants. Also I think that they made this to avoid the Scav Player vs Scav Ai fights until they implement the Karma system (I guess)

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The issue here is that I often times now I have click the "leave raid" button since only one encounter with a thick boy (and I'm not even engaging, just avoiding him) makes it impossible for to use the 3 minutes I have left to make it from big red to administration gate. 10 Minutes is literally a no go.

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Guys the point is the Scav run used to be another part of the game that people liked to play and is was just fun, why do people have issues with this simple fact.

So what I cant figure out is why every time I scav in to Customs I get less than 10mins, however, as a PMC, I am always running into players scav at the 35 min mark. This system is dumb and wasting my time.

Where is the consistency in this system, what is the issues that are stopping the devs from having this as part of the game that is usable and keeps the fun rolling.  It is not even realistic or decent time on customs to have a decent rat about and collect all the poo missed and left. I do note that they revised the scav times on Shoreline where they implemented 8 to 10 mins on the scav timers, what level of stupidity thought that was a good idea?

On 11/3/2020 at 4:41 AM, 02_ said:

Sorry to hear that the new Scav spawn times are off, when encountering issues like these its imperative that you report them trough the launcher.

Sorry but the system is not built for easy reporting for game issues, you even have to close the game to be able to submit a bug report, wasting even more of my time! And yes they have answered every time I have submitted a report, and I salute the team that is behind this system (not an easy Job) The problem I have is they seem to implement changes with no real thought on the over all outcome to the game play and the player base.

A consistent drive forward, long term planning is the only way to push a project to its fulfilment, I don't see this in the mixed changes that keep happening.

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i would encourage you to open a bug report.  Those player scav run times were messed up during 12.9 when they implemented the updated scav AI (copied over from Interchange) to Customs and Shoreline.  It made player scan runs nearly useless.  I opened a bug report then and stuck with it (i.e. kept answering the questions asked by the person managing the reports).  They eventually agreed that I wasnt making it up and referred it to the developers.  The next day, it was 'fixed' on Shoreline and back to 32minutes there.  That lasted for some weeks until 12.10 came out.  At that time the 12.9 'bug' came back and the results on Shoreline are back to 15min.. on Customs are back to 7-11minutes etc..  Open a bug report and stick with it.  I updated mine as well but the more official reports that are made, the more likely it gets attention.  Being polite and professional helps your message get heard since I am sure they get alot of angry and disrespectful folks.

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