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Unable to play due to high ping and not able to change region


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I live in South Africa and unable to play in EU servers due to high ping and I am unable to change my region from USA to South Africa or EU. 
Is there a way to join EU servers without getting kicked or can i only play in South African servers. I just bought the game today any help will be appreciated. 

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Hello @Sir_Crunch_Alot

Is their a reason you are using USA servers.? Have you tried selecting your own servers?
An if your ping is unstable on your own servers are you using a wifi connection or a cable connection.?
I suggest trying to use cable connection if you are connected to your servers an having ping issues.! 

Best Regards 
Forum Moderator

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Sadly you can only play in SA servers because there is a ping lock of 175 in place. I'm in the UK trying to play with my friends in south africa(only reason I bought the game) you going to have to just play on SA servers only.

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