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How to make LABS a little bit friendly

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Hi! every one, I was wondering how to make labs just a bit friendly for new and casual players.

This question came from the repect I have to play Labs, the most of the time I play in it, it's just to lose money, because I dont know the map, I dont know how the people move on it, where the hot zones are... A lot of this problems came from the people who usually play this map, They are F****** AWESOME and I can do nothing against there, so it's like a snowball the Pro players how play labs they gatting better and better and the players who dont want to play because they are scare of play in this map just fomenting not playing this map.

So I came with the idea of add like a 2º Labs, like Factory, but instead of day and nigth, for one you need the Labs card as always, and for the other one u don't. The regular one it's the same as always but, the second there is not much loot, there is not raiders, maybe no keycards or diferent ones or just regular keys... but the same loot rooms. Maybe to be as profitable as Custom

Why to make this friendly Labs less profiterable ? Easy! To not have pro players taking advantage on noobs, and casuals.

So what you think a baut this idea ? I think it's a nice one, let me know your opinion !

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As has been stated. Labs is not really meant to be that easy or friendly of a map. It's a map with high reward but also high risk. In the future, it will even be locked behind some access restrictions as well, since it is meant to be a more mid to late game map.

You can try out and test Labs all you want in offline mode though. You don't lose the card, or any gear you bring in. You just can't extract anything either.

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