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fix spawn location pls

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It's not bad luck. It seems Spawns are load based and not random. If you have the best hardware you get punished with the worst spawn.

I have fibre connection, 5900X and 980 pro gen4 M.2.

I've had trailer park spawn 100% of the time.

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I play by myself, duo , and trio and I do notice that with one of my duos we always spawn in a certain area and with my other duo we spawn in another spot 90% of the time. It is strange but regardless of who hosts I always join after and the spawn seems to be determined by which duo I am with. When I do a trio group we usually have a bridge spawn. When I go solo I never spawn in the duo spawns. So I wonder if various spawns are for various sized squads? I am new to this game so I am just thinking out loud but I do agree with you the spawn locations are interesting. Then again, maybe I am just overwhelmed and confused. Good luck!

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