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Range finder


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A range finder would be perfect item to ad to Escape form Trakov. it would be wery useful for sniping and longe range engagements and it fits right into the game based on that it is set in a modern era. it would also be to great help for begginers and more experienst players, because it would help peolpe more easly understand bullet drop and sniping in this game. i do understand that it would make the quest "Shoter born in heaven"  a bit to easy, so my recommendation to this problem, is that you make it so you cant complete the quest while carrying a range finder.

Use and compellability:

i think that the range finder should be a item that you carry in a unlooteball pocket like the compas or a weapon mod like a laser dot that you put on your gun, when you use the range finder it should almost be like when you use the compas, your PMC takes it out and holds it in the middle of the screen, you can move the range finder like you would move the compas. a bright red or green laser should come out of the range finder, you point it at a wall or your target and click mouse 1 and a nuber should apper on the bottom left of your screen and on the range finder. you should also be able to selecte feet or meters on the range finder. the pmc should not be able to fire his weapon while using the range finder, just like the compas. the max range on the range finder should be about 1000 yards, just like most of the irl range finders you can find in your local huting equipment store. 

the way you should obtain this item should be through a quest like tarkov shoter or some other sniping related quest or buy it form traders like Jager or skier 

the waule of this item should be around the same as the compas, maybe a little bit more exspensive 




if you have read all this, thank you for your time and maybe spread the message of the range finder?

best if luck: Tincan-price 



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This actually sounds pretty cool, props for the idea.

Like fancy binoculars in a way. I don't know how they would implement it if they did, but I think it would also be cool for sight seeing as well. Tarkov can be damn beautiful sometimes. And it would be helpful for new players.

Cheers! here's hoping.

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Now that the compass has made its way into the game and has its own slot, I think this slot should be used for equipment like the range finder that you suggested and hopefully will pave the way for many more exciting types of equipment.

Great suggestion and recommendation, in the future use the search feature at the top of the forum to see if a thread has already been created for the topic.

As this topic already exists, I will lock this thread.

Here is the thread where this topic has been discussed:

Kind Regards,


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