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Is there anything else I could try...?


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To get right to the point (as I have dedicated so many hours already to this), I am having unplayable FPS issues.


3600 (stock clock)

XFX 5700XT THICC iii (no OC)

3200 16GB RAM (in the correct slot and ensured XMP is on @ 3200MHz)




I have been trouble shooting this for days now and I seem to be hitting my head against a wall constantly. I am aware of the differences between FPS stability between maps like Woods and Customs so I have been troubleshooting mainly on Customs as in my mind, if I can get it sorted there, it should run fine on other maps.

I notice that when I spawn in an offline game with NO BOTS in Customs, I get 110-120 FPS constantly (with the lower-end being near garage and dorms) with my:

 CPU UTIL @ ~42%

 CPU TEMP @ ~62C

 GPU UTIL @ ~66%

 GPU TEMP @ ~66C


When I am in offline with BOTS in Customs my FPS starts at roughly 90/95 and within minutes drops to 49-69 with HUGE stutters with my:

 CPU UTIL @ ~23% (Barley spikes to 30% every now and then and dips to under 20%)

 CPU TEMP @ ~52C

 GPU UTIL @ ~58%

 GPU TEMP @ ~61C



  • Process Lasso/Task Manager/"USE PHYSICAL CORES"  - setting process affinity. (Game actually feels more choppy using physical cores only).
  • Disabled Full Screen Optimization and Override High DPI Scaling.
  • I have unlocked the refresh rate by disabling V-SYNC in Adrenaline and enabling it on EFT.
  • I have tried setting a handful of Performance Mode presets (Ultimate, Ryzen High, Bitsum Highest, etc) with no difference to FPS or stability.
  • I have tried an assortment of settings on Adrenaline to try induce better performance (many, many YT videos for optimization).
  • I switched "RAM CLEANER" on and off as well as use Process Lasso and ISLC to manage any RAM issues.
  • I have tried overclocking my CPU (with and without Process Lasso running) with Ryzen Master with no real FPS difference.
  • I have ensured my XMP is enabled and that the fabric clock is reading 1600MHz to match the 3200MHz profile on BIOS (read this here https://guidescroll.com/2020/02/escape-from-tarkov-performance-optimization-guide/ as well as followed this list fully).
  • My system is not overheating (even with the OC it was borderline at ~82C on CPU).


I have pretty much tried loading my GPU (I can get it to 100% load). and it actually does not make that much of a difference to FPS (maybe 20 at MOST with Supersampling x4 and everything at MAX besides draw distances).

I have settled for (due to it keeping my FPS @ 110-120 offline with NO BOTS Customs) :

Textures - high

Shadows - high

LOD - lowest

Shadow Draw - lowest


SSR & HBAO - off

Anisotropic - per texture

FPS sliders maxed

SMT on (multithreading active)

RAM Cleaner - on


I am by no means a guru at any of this (as I am sure it is evident) and would appreciate any feedback regarding similar issues on similar hardware and/or fixes that I may have overlooked or misunderstood. It feels like the issue is arising from something CPU related as my GPU seems to take load fine without dropping FPS as expected (sometimes no drop). My CPU UTIL is super low (WITH BOTS specifically) and I wonder if that low utilization is "bottle-necking" and thus causing low FPS? Again, I am no guru.


Thanks in advance,




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Hello I have the feeling when u play solo with huge amount of bots your CPU is used to control the bots i noticed worse performance in solo so it must be like this.

My Rig :
Ryzen 9 3900xt 4.3ghz All core @ 1.345v

Palit Geforce 2070 Super Jetstream @ 2100 mhz

Corshair h115i Platinum AiO

Gigabyte x570 Aorus Ultra Mainboard

32Gb Trident Z @ 16-16-36 3600 mhz
2x 1TB Nvme SSDs with 3500mb read and 3000 write

i have the same issues bots sometimes spawn in waves too I guess and if pathtracing suck u get lags too I cant confirm it 100 % but it feels like it.

 have bad performance in solo with high amount of bots too even on factory with horde mode its awful.

there is nothing u really can do about even lower the settings does almost nothing because your utilization goes down so hard.

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@ReliquiaR Thank you for your response! 

I found that the game is utilizing 2/3 cores mostly at ~60-70% with spikes higher and lower every now and then.

Could that be the issue? Would you say a OC to my 3600 would help a fair bit? I have the option of getting a 3800X... would that be better?

Again, thank you.

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I am having the exact same issues. I have a pretty good gaming PC and since the new update my frames start at 120 and over the course of the raid drop to 50-70 and I have tried everything.

Recently I was getting crazy micro stutter issues and that was bad enough but this is literally making the game unplayable. 

I might just take a couple weeks off or something at this point and hope a new patch might fix it. I also have Project Lasso and it is not helping anything.

Have you tried uninstalling Project Lasso and seeing if that helps? We both use that program and I am having the same issues. That might be my last ditch effort to fix this issue.

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@Felix_The_Rat(You have tried at least one of these Felix)   @IronTherapy

Three things I can suggest: 
Match the settings in this screen shot. 
ensure you turn "High Quality Color" off:



Turn RAM Cleaner OFF
Use this instead: https://www.wagnardsoft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1256



and as always, clear cache and do an integrity check 




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Thanks for the response. I have tried EVEERYTHING... It ain't Project Lasso as I have tested with and without it.

It sucks!

@MylesE Yea, I have tried all three. Thank you for the response! 

P.S. My settings are identical expect at 1080P.


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