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Specific question about my PC build (RX480 + FX8350)


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Hello everybody,

I know a lot of people already asked questions similar to this one, but I've followed every possible advice/guide and I still can't solve my problem.
This forum is my last hope and I hope to figure something out.

I'm playing EFT on a PC with:

  • RX 480
  • AMD FX8350
  • 16 GB RAM DDR3 1600 MHZ
  • SSD
  • 1080p 60HZ MONITOR

My only problem is I can't have a steady framerate except for Factory. 
Every other map runs at 50/60 FPS (I can't complain) but my framerate drops to 20/30 during fighting and other crucial situations, and that's what I'm trying to solve.

I know my components are quite old but I can't afford an upgrade at the moment, so I tried to follow every possible guide I found on Google and nothing changed.

What I've tried so far:

  • My AMD and DirectX drivers are up to date
  • I give EFT process highest priority from task manager every time I run it
  • EscapeFromTarkov.exe set to "Disable full screen optimizations" and High DPI settings override to "Application"
  • I optimized the game from Radeon Settings following a guide (I ran the game with and without this settings on)
    • Anti-aliasing mode to "Override application settings"

    • Anti-aliasing level to 2X

    • Anisotropic filtering mode to On

    • Anisotropic filtering level to 2X

    • Texture filtering quality to "Performance"

    • Wait for vertical refresh to "Always Off"

    • Tessellation mode to "Override application settings"

    • Maximum tessellation level to 32x or lower

  • Chrome and Discord optimized/closed
  • OneDrive disabled
  • Windows update optimized
  • Game mode On/Off (tried both)
  • Xbox Gamebar disabled
  • High Performance power plan enabled
  • In-game settings set to
    • Screen Resolution: 1080p

    • Screen Mode: Fullscreen

    • VSync: Off

    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

    • Overall Graphics Quality: Custom

    • Texture Quality: High

    • Shadows Quality: Low

    • Object LOD Quality: 2

    • Overall visibility: 1000

    • Shadow Visibility: 40

    • Antialiasing: TAA High

    • Resampling: 1x off

    • HBAO: Off

    • SSR: Off

    • Anisotropic Filtering: Off

    • Sharpness: 1.3

    • Lobby FPS Limit: 60

    • Game FPS Limit: 120

    • Grass Shadows: Off

    • Noise: Off

    • Chromatic Aberrations: Off

    • Z-Blur: Off

    • Auto RAM Cleaner: On

    • Use only the physical cores: Off (my CPU doesn't have hyper-threading or SMT)

I thinks that's all.

I'm constantly finding and trying guides where these settings change a little bit, but my FPS drops are still there, so I was wondering:

where's my problem exactly? Do you guys have any advice for settings and optimizations?
Or the only solution is to upgrade RAM and/or CPU?


Thanks in advance for your replies, I hope to finally find a definitive answer to my questions!




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I'd upgrade CPU and RAM if I were you. I'm running with i5-6500, RX480 8GB, 16GB RAM and it keeps me getting around 40-60FPS most of times except I'm engaged. So I'm currently considering an upgrade on CPU.

I believe the link will be helpful.

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Please check GPU usage %.
If its low (not 80-100%), even when on low graphical settings, it means you CPU is bottleneck.
Tarkov is 'strongly' CPU bounded. Read & check CPU/ GPU bottlenecks.

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