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I love the game and have every faith in BSG's direction. While playing I occasionally think of things that might be cool to add, thought it was time to write them down and offer my feedback;

QOL Improvements:

Pre Set Equipment -> Id love to be able to save and equipe/purchase a pre set loadout for my PMC as well as the existing gun pre set menu. 

Magazine Pre Set Ammo Types -> Allow us to set pre sets for ammo in magazines making it quick and easy to load mags with an array of ammo types.

Hideout Overview -> allowing you to config each of the hideout areas without moving to each one via the menu or in-person. Maybe with a favorite build item for each to quickly hit a button to repeatedly build items etc.

New Features:

Hideout Medical Bay Upgrade or DIY Lab Hideout addition -> Make your own street grade stims, less duration, more side effects but cheaper to make. I.E. Home made amphetamines.

Taking several stims could have additional side effects (mixing drugs) -> I love in game stims but sometimes it feels like the side effects when taking multiple are not as sevear as they should be verses the benefit they give. It would be cool to take several stims and then start seeing things, like a flash of a pmc/raider for the user under the effect. Maybe even rarely making your team mate look like an enemy for a moment. Hear voices that are not there for example - could be similar to what the cultists do when they poison you?

Allow player scavs with friendly scav status to trade with AI/player scavs during the round. Maybe approach said scav, trigger emote to initiate trade, select item on scav you would like and the scav highlights the item(s) on you that they would trade for it (if any).

Random scav weapon/ammo caches protected by a group of scavs or raiders. Imagine 4/5 stashes and a couple of weapons boxes that have the potential to spawn in a random location together on appropriate maps that are like mini-bosses/events. Provides more randomisation, difficulty and unknown potential value of any given round. This could go as far as a chance of a broken down vehicle transporting some Scavs that they are now protecting etc.

In addition, Im sure this has been said before and may even be on the road map however in the interest of how much I would love to see this in game, an after-round debreif of player movements etc. Interactive replay or map etc. It could also be used to help find and report cheaters/glitchers. 

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