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Howdy, 29 from UK, looking for some mature (when necessary haha) gamers i can raid with. I'd say i'm intermediate skill level at best lol, by no means great at PVP but love to learn and am keen to do so. Got a mic etc etc. BrutalBeetroot is my IGN if you fancy hitting me up, looking forward to clapping some cheeks with some new homies, i'm getting tired of the solo life haha, hope you're all well. Cheers

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Hey dude, Also UK based - play with a couple of guys, more than welcome to join us on Discord to play, all around 25-32 (4 of us) play at different times. 

If interested, add me on discord - JordanFK#3829

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Hi All

if you are on UK Servers / EU.

Looking to play witj laid back player-s that don't take them selves to seriously, up for a laugh. Ideally, a good sense of humour. No Chavs 😅.

Mixed mode of play: Fun, Serious chad, Quests, Ratting, dicking about. ect

Disc: Stan464#4104

Thanks guys!

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