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New player frustration

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On 11/23/2020 at 7:39 PM, Zeroa said:

I really hope you are able to find a method to enjoy the game, but I would recommend anyone interested give it their own shot.  Everyone's experience is different. 

Having helped guide quite a number of new players through, I'd disagree about the Tasks.  They showcase a variety of maps, items, weapons, and skills.  Albeit without much explanation.  I'd also disagree with the forced playstyle and difficulty.  All new players should put a primary focaus on map knowledge and, yes, expect to die. A lot.  But every single death should be teaching a lesson and over time, the survived raids will begin to add up, then the scav kills will add up, then the PMC kills will add up and then, I hope, you'll be able to help the next player.

Good luck. 


Everyone's experience is not different. See the myriad of posts that are 99% similar to my own. Burying your head in the sand and repeating the same mantra "it's a hard game, get used to it" will not achieve anything other than alienating new players.


I've met the same mentality in other sports or games I played. Making it harder for noobs just because you don't want to put the extra effort is bad, and all those sharing this mentality lost to people willing to make it easier to get into the game. This is one of the reason why you have so many cheaters.

At first most players assume they die because they are new, because they don't know the maps, because they have poo gear or bad reflexes, a bad connection or their game knowledge (corners and peeks) is bad. But in time you learn to discern impossible shots, kills through walls, grenades thrown at your exact position etc. And all the "community" can do for them is tell them to get better. Because no one at BSG gives a crap about cheater reports. I'ves seen cheats banned in less than an hour in LOL, PUBG (which was literally filled with cheats at one point, and still is plagued by them to this day), CSGO etc, but never in EFT.  Because the devs trust their cheatbuster code too much. I've seen this mentality in a lot of devs I worked with over the years, again it brought only bad results. Not listening to your users is a super bad idea in sw dev.

The point of a leveling system is not to showcase the game, it's to explain the mechanics of the game. To teach the player how to play it. This is my original point: whoever made those quests had a different scope in mind, not teaching a new player. This is bad design and should be delegated to people that understand what a quest system is meant to do, not left to some dev to implement as an afterthought.

Expecting to die is one thing. Putting a lot of play on the maps is another. You have the offline maps, with PVE and bosses. Those are great teaching tools. There is little learning to be had from dying to a headshot from across the map on your spawn because you late spawned and someone is looking at your spawn position. The new players should not even be allowed to raid until they have learned the basic game mechanichs in offline mode against bots and had a chance to acquire some decent gear, but that is a design decision. A bad one IMO.


You will always run into these rants unless you do a few things to fix the game for new players. No, wipes do not help.

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