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51 Str is Broken


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No mention of armor and other misc things not counting towards wieght



Not to mention im only wieghting 3.6 pounds with the current items i have equipped my wieght 

the only wieght values that count now are tactical rig pockets backpack and the pouch which to me seems very broken. 


Example of the gear in those 4 areas adding wieght ^

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Just now, ACuddlyBadger said:

As realistic as playable***!!!!!!

would love for this to get fixxed to be real. Its not fair that i currently can never have a negitive effect for wieght no matter how many bodies i loot. Imagine the people who cheated/cheesed and didnt actually earn 51 str

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The max level for every skill should be 20 with the bonuses you get at that level. The entire "Elite" skill BS is nothing but a reason to cheese. If i had a say in it there would be no skills like Endurance or Strenght at all. The entire Skillsystem as is, is the only reason we have people jump around like Spiderman. 

Yes "Elite" skills are broken. The entire skill system is broken.

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1 hour ago, davidj123456 said:

I cheesed it by bringing Docs Cases full of SAS drives to every raid. I've had it for a few months and in all honesty it is OP.

Just to add to what I said @Rekonsile people have called cheats on me for multiple things because of the sprint and the jump ability also. I can get onto the sniper mountain on woods, I can jump through inaccessible areas in Customs, etc. 
I've had people call cheats on me and come to my friend's stream saying that they pinned me down and there was only 1 place for me to go, yet I magically appear out of nowhere flanking them from some inaccessible barrier. 

It took me 3 weeks to get Kappa, and then I spent the next 3 weeks doing money-runs on Interchange & Reserve with my Docs Case SAS Drives. After 3 weeks I had Level 51 Strength. If I did it normally just by PvPing and collecting gear it would've taken probably 3-4 months, but this is still insanely fast.
Players with under 1000Hrs who do not know about what Level 51 Str can let you achieve will think you are basically using cheats.
And when they do it just adds to the list of people claiming that they have a hacker every raid, which really isn't good for the community.

Hence why I really think it needs to be nerfed a lot.

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I would prefer if skills were things that rapidly leveled and de leveled themselves according to how you play automatically.

The way there are triangles between mobility, strength, and resilience should apply to skills imo. You can't have all of any skill unless you've got none of the others. 

If you continue to play within a niche for long enough, that is when you begin to level slowly but continuously with a logarithmic curve, but you will lose that slow hard earned leveling once you change your niche through gameplay. 

The game would be an absolute joke if everyone had elite skills for endurance and strength, it already is a joke when people run, adad, zigzag, and jump to avoid fire at level 0 skills. 

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