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Shooting range


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So quests like tarkov shooter pt.4 where you need to level up sniper skills are kinda grindy. Now don't get me wrong, i dont want them removed but i figured that the're should be some kind of combat skills booster. This could be a great way to add levels to the shooting range. For example:

1lvl: none boost/5% boost and normal shooting range that we all know

2lvl: 5%boost/10% boost and some kind of better looking range (meaby with targets that are frarther away)

3lvl 15% boost/20% boost and meaby add a hit counter?

I just spat out some numbers with the boosts, im not going to try to balance tarkov. Still i would really like to see some of this things implemented :)

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Let me spend my rubles on different targets and press the button to pull 'em to me to inspect the holes and swap em out! Lol.  For real not a bad idea though.  Even without any kind of XP gain I think range customization would be cool. 

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