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Why Tarkov Sucks

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Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough.

This is the first line many people see after discovering Escape From Tarkov on a stream or video and find their way to the website.  


Sold. What other games out there check all these boxes in a first-person-shooter?  Many people probably jump straight in excited to learn and explore and escape. Not to mention the cool stories they could have like they see their favorite streamers and Youtubers having.  Some people will be disappointed that the game isn't what they thought, others will be disappointed that they do not understand how to play the game... and then there are those who learn what Tarkov truly is and enjoy it.  They either through experience or the guidance of comrades see the truth behind Escape From Tarkov:

Escape From Tarkov is an information war.

Loot Locations.
Scav Spawns.
Medical Treatments.
Audio Cues.
Boss Data.
Task Instructions.
Market Values.
and finally, Where the Enemy Is.

(...and honestly more than that)

To top it off, many of these things change or are subject to change with patches.  This isn't a game you learn quickly.  This isn't a game you learn easily. It's a game where you must do what you can in order to survive.  If that means studying guides and videos, great.  If that means finding friends in the Discords to play with, great.  If that means asking questions in the forums, great.  If that means dying over and over and over again so that your future PMC self has a chance at a better life than you do now, GREAT!  Every piece of information you can add to your arsenal increases your chances of escaping that much more - and that part doesn't ever wipe.

The point is, I do feel for those who are frustrated early on, but have hope for those players as seeing someone have that 'light-bulb moment' and start really enjoying this game is a pretty cool thing.

Do your part to be patient and understanding with them. Remember to explain the 'how' and the 'why' when you're giving out advice. 

So yeah, Tarkov sucks.... but in a good always-improve-your-game kinda way:)

Thanks for reading, and good luck.

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I have started to coach/run with all of these new players as my "end game" meta and it has been very satisfying. It started out from just trying not to be a jerk but then quickly became a reason to play. I suggest anyone that is burnt out or maxxed in Tarkov to try the same.

If more people who have mastered this game did this I feel there would be a much smaller disconnect between the casual players getting angry and asking for the game to be watered down. Show them WHY it is so important for the game to be a hardcore tactical shooter in a sea of mediocre FPS titles.

Awesome post dude and I agree 100%!

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