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Patch causes huge package losses disconnects

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Dear TarkovDevs, 

ever since the latest patch I am experiencing the following issues:

-Package losses of between 50 and 90 %


-Late Spawns

Edit: PMC and Scavs teleporting

I checked my internet connection everything else runs with 9-19ms Ping. Not sure if you're aware or not that's why I'm leaving this here. 


All the best!


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Can confirm. Every game I am getting disconnected due to "Server connection lost"

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Since the update, I can't get into an online game. Neither as PMC nor as Scav.

Map and loot loads, but when i reach 100 %, I get the message on a black screen "connection lost, try reconnect". An if I try to reconnect, it loads back in, only to get the same error.

The Raid is still running and my only choice after 3 failed reconnects is to abort it, cause I can't reach it. I reinstalled the game, but it stays the same.

Others had a similar problem, but those were older ones from 2019.

Pls fix / help

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