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Additional sort to the inventory


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This would be a great add to the game...

Nikkita Please

Concept for better stash orga: Alt+Drag'n'Drop into Container = Pin type of dropped item to always go into that container after adding to stash - ITEM MAGNET! : EscapefromTarkov (reddit.com)

Quicker matchmaking times because you don't need to manually sort everything you want to keep. I think this has a place here based on the RNG that's already in the game.  This would be a nice fix and addition to the features that already make this game good and playable. 

and on this note please make the items that are auto sorted, auto stacked as well.  A lot less waisted time trying to sort it all out manually, and faster management and the ability to rapidly get into raid.

Possible example of  AP SX rounds item number, and "Auto Sort" or "Magnet Filter"?                                       { Itemid:66291 magnet=true place in magnet Else place default }

I am by no means a coder, or do I have experience with coding but this is from the reddit post.


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