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Hello everyone, looking for the best mod for AKS-74U (lvl 1)


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Hello everyone, I am posting this forum because I am a noob, and i'm looking for the best mods available for my AKS-74U.

I have lvl 1 on all traders, and i'm trying to find out which scope I can put on my AKS-74U.

Do I need a mount? Are there any available handguards for me?

If anyone has any solutions, please be so kind as to leave them here.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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With the traders at the level 1 you won't be able to mod the AKS-74U,apart for few mods such the B-11 wich you can trade after completing gunsmith part 2 for mechanic.

If you have just started play the game i suggest you to get familiar with the weapons firts and then as soon as you will progress through the game and get more money,start to mod them and find the best set up for each weapon suitable for you.

For now play with the stuff you've got,do not spend unecessary money for modding weapons or buy stuff wich you will probably loose soon enough.

Use as much stuff as you can that you find on the ground and practise with iron sight first,you have also the opportunity to do that with the offline mode without worrying about loosing your gear.


Have a look also at the Tarkov Bible,this wiki is an important tool for new as well as experienced players.


Hope this few advices will help you out!

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