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Separate out damage / combat information so we can see who did what to us, and what we did to each individual

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Right now, seeing 3000 damage to body, 200 to armor, 0 kills, or whatever doesn't provide much information.


Please separate it out per user, and chronologically.


ie: target X - each hit, location, damage, absorbed, degradation to armor

Target Y = the same.

Target Z - the same.


But separated out so we know what we did to each person. Where we hit them - you could use a simple UI to show this, either a 3D model showing the hits, with white lines showing projectile path, if it fragmented you could fragment the line and show those paths. Or a 2d target poster showing hits and similar line graphing. Numbers can be red for body damage, blue for damaged to armor or absorbed by armor.


You could show a lot of information with this simple system. It would help improve engagements because we'll have more information on how we did.

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