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Help Game wont download

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Hi so i haven't played tarkov in a few months, and when i went to launch the game it prompted me  to update the game. So i did and then halfway through the update it said something along the lines of my game files have been compromised and then prompted me to uninstall and reinstall, so ive uninstalled the game and launcher and the launcher will download without a problem but the game wont download.. i have uninstalled the launcher and every file that deals with tarkov several times with no success.. Ive tried to run the launcher in admin mode aswell and gave it full permission and it still wont work... It gives me some error Along the lines of " cant connect to cdn-11.eft-store.com "   or "User Action Required (Unable to Load File) [Client.]" I was wondering if it was just the server or something so i tried to download it on my laptop and it works on there but wont on my desktop.. Sometimes it will download about 1% of the file then quit downloading or it will not even let me click the download.. Thanks for help (i have also disabled antivirus software and windows defender)

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