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New Emissary for Australia

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Hi Everyone!

I'm excited to make this my first post as the New Australian Emissary!

I'm TrentAU, I'm a Full Time Systems Administrator/Full Time Tarkov Streamer on Twitch

Recently I was also asked to join Sigma's Evasion Team working on all matters regarding the OCE Region as Talent Acquisition and PR.
So I think in all Tarkov is currently filling at least 60 hours per week of my time 😂

We have a pretty unique community of players in OCE, with only few servers to select we often find ourselves running into the same players often and forming some great friendships and sometimes intense rivalries.

I look forward to working with you all and representing the Australian player base to the best of my abilities.

Please feel free to reach out with any concerns or suggestions you may have about Tarkov or the community


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16 hours ago, afraidsupra said:

Good stuff Trent. Have run into you a couple of times and seen you on Twitch.

Hopefully I'll be joining the sherpa ranks soon.

Thanks mate!

Good luck with your application to become an official Sherpa!
It is an important role within the Global Tarkov Community and provides so much value to new players.

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