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Balancing Supressors for supersonic ammunition


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Hello guys, i want to share my experience about supressed guns with supersonic ammunition.

at ranges from 70+ meters you basically cant hear any gunshots anymore from supressed guns running supersonic ammunition

The experience this provides is basically if people are over 70 or 100 meters and shoot at you, you dont get any sound ques where the shooter is shooting from, it just leaves you guessing

which is why i think is quite unbalanced and should be tweaked properly.

Now since the nature of supersonic ammo is that regardless of what supressor you put on it, it will still be noticeable from longer ranges due to the crack when the bullet breaks sound barrier.

How to fix it:

Since we can hear unsupressed weapons quite good , even at longer ranges, i would suggest making supressed weapons only sligthtly quieter for the sake that you could still hear slightest little crack from which direction the gunshot is comming from, yet this still wouldnt be easy to spot the shooter, but would give a general idea where the gunshot is comming from, it would be more balanced and more realistic


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The whole audio system is going through big changes. The steam audio was implemented but then removed as it was not working as intended. Once directional audio works well, so that we can have echoing muffled, but not silent, suppressed shots, that you can hear but have trouble locating, then we should have more realism with subsonic and supersonic ammo and their audios range. IMO.

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I love this idea actually when i started playing this game 1st thing i was asking hey should i use subsonic ammo with supressor and was suprised that sound profile is same so it dosent matter 

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