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Would any good snipers and would be snipers be interested in setting up sniper school.


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When i direct messaged this man, he said he would teach me the ways of senpai Jaeger, and i believed him. I followed this courageous man into the lavish world of Tarkov, with 'sniping' in my young, pristine mind. 

After a while of following this man around customs, it clearly came to me that this man was eager and willing to show me his ways. He knew every spot, every boost and every quick and dirty little secret. I quickly learned how to thoroughly clean any shaft this man brought along to me, showing each, and every one great love and respect. I learned how to efficiently, and effectively cock the bolt lifting and pulling it back hard and pushing it back into place with intent.  My grip improved fantastically, and after a while i was confident in my ability to maintain a slow and steady aim as to not draw attention from any of the other men in our vicinity.

I learned the ways of a silent killer, as soon as i had eyes on my prey, they went limp in a matter of moments.

This man showed me the way. before this man my mind was young and pristine -  And i left this man's firm, eager grasp as a silent assassin.

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