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Labs insurance OR higher reward

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So, to start things off, I run a lot of labs. I can confidently say that the sole purpose in running labs for me and everyone I know is for the fun of it. Labs does not provide nearly as much of a profit as other maps like Reserve and Interchange. Room keycards are very expensive and need to be paid off from the runs as well as the actual keycards to access labs need to be paid off and most of the profit comes from the rooms, unless you want to loot the middle which you have a chance of finding an intel which would only pay back the keycard to access labs. Now I have 2 suggestions on what I would personally would change to help this map profit wise.


Allow for Insurance

I know insurance isn't currently on labs because they say the scavs cannot access it in a hidden location or something. Personally I don't really think its fair that your paying 150-220k to access a map with having a less chance of surviving and not even being able to get your items back. Id definitely be open to paying more money maybe so that the scavs retrieving your loot can better equip themselves or something, but from a money perspective there is no point in going labs seeing as if you die your down your entire kit + 150k-220k. Also, the loot on labs really is not anything crazy compared to other maps like Interchange or Reserve.


Buff keycards and make them more common

I understand that this might and probably will cause for a slight price drop in the keys but right now there are 2 keys that, in my opinion, are extremely pointless to buy. The blue keycard almost never gives a ledx and if it does not give a ledx, it gives very very few stims. If you don't have the keycard you probably wont believe me but there have been many instances where all I get are just a cheese. Sometimes the room spawns a couple stims but still that's not a great chance for its price being at about 18mil at the time of writing this. Now for the violet keycard. I do not personally own this one for obvious reasons but I'm pretty sure every can agree that at a low low price of about 14mil, the violet keycard is just not worth picking up. Id really like to see either the loot in blue and violet buffed a TON or the spawn chance lowered to allow for a easier time at making the money back for the card. Black and Green are pretty solid keys and definitely worth picking up as they are right now.


I would go about the Insurance rout to just make it less of a risk to run labs seeing as the reward is just nowhere near worth it unless you just want to have some fun. It also be nice to see blue and violet get a buff since the loot is just utter trash. Again, it also would make sense to pay more for a special labs insurance seeing as the scavs (or maybe raiders :) ) retrieving your gear would also need to be a little tougher themselves. Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read my little rant. 


Also, I actually just thought of the idea of raiders getting your insurance on labs and that sounds like a good idea to me and Id like some input on that.

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The main point of Labs is the insane amount of XP you can get as well as the PvP which can allow you to level various skills faster than on other maps. Plus there is the possibility of coming out with tons and tons of cash on top of the above, although there is a really high risk. Given that I feel as though there should be no insurance; there is so much loot available people would just come in with gear they are certain they will get back. Plus the rooms themselves are fine as they are imo but maybe the rooms themselves should be buffed and not the spawn chance of the keys.

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