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Hello this is a feedback, great game so far :). just have some ideas that i want to share, you can do what u want it tell me what u think :D. Scavraiders, u can play as a sacrraider 1 a week with geard u can pick out your self for lets say 2-300 000 rubbles?. but u can not extract whit this gear, only the backpack and the loot u did find in a raid. 2. was thinking of if ppl that have a hard time to get gear/money u can have a raid whit frindly players on a map whit only Scav/raiders AI for a chace to get some loot 1-2 a week . maby more ppl will play. 3. offline whit frinds and AI Scavs for fun and practie. So great game so far :D GJ

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