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Cheap Mods for level 1 Traders - Suggestion List


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I'm Trakov fan as well as a gun enthusiast from Germany. I love Tarkov and I suggested this game to a lot of friends of mine that are also into guns like me. They are usually impressed by the huge amount of possibilities that the modding system provides.

But as soon as they get their own copy of the game they are immediately turn down by one big thing .. you just can't by enought stuff from level 1 traders to use this awesome system.

And this is the point my suggestion steps in: "Please give the level 1 traders these cheap weapon mods we all know from these tacticool range ninjas or the local airsoft team!"


Further I collected some of the most notorious cheep weapons mods.


This front grip with its spring loaded sudo integrated bipod is just a classic. It doesen't matter if this mechanic makes it into the game, it didn't worked that well in real life.


This pistol grip with its over accented finger grooves is avaibale for AK-47, AKM and M4 Typ weapons. I think its already in game for the Mosin.


This 10 bucks AK Handguard was often soled in conjunction with the pistol grip. Its tan version got famous trough Modern Warfare 2's Tapco AK-47.


Cheap knock off off the K-VAR KV-04. By unscrewing the top rail and turning it you can mount these on an AKS-74U


Arm braces not necessary in Tarkov but to have them could be fun.


Cheap "longe range scope" (as if) with illuminated reticle featuring some kind of rangefinder lines, made famous by Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.


ACOG know off with a rail on top and a fancy mason level


Not a weapons mod but Chinese armor plates could be fun


A Doctor sight if you squeeze your eyes. In opposite to its role model it fits directly to rail with out any complicated adapter.


Unnamed closed reflex sight with a astounding resemblance to the T-1 Microdot. It does too, fit directly to rail


The Type 56 magazine bandolier or just ChiCom chestrig. Carries 3 AK Mags for just 15 Bucks, or 6 AK mags if you use some hot water and a shovel.


The cheapest plate carrier, carries your Chinese plates even cheaper.


Flat laser, this rare example did't got another rail on top or buttom .. depends on how you mount it. 


Cheap barrel clap with rails. Gives almost every weapon an instant quad rail even grandfathers Luger.


M4 Stock recoil pad, why does only the AK family get one?


M4 buffer tube end cap stock thingy. Its even got a sling mount.


Ar-15 caring handle rail insert. Only really viable as soon as fix handle receivers find their way into the game.


This stylish diamond flip up irons sights. I think they were a thing in some Call of Duty .. but I don't remember


I'm sure this is based on a real thing from Nikon, but this is literally shouting "Airsoft" and "Call of Duty" to me. I remember shooting a apples from a tree in grandmother garden with my plastic G36c as a kind with one of these.


.. poor man silencer the oil filter.


The "you can't get anought rails on your scope" scope.


A fluffy cheep pad with emergency ammo reserve.


This sudo Russian chest rig every airsoft SpezNas renector wore. This baby fits up to 3 AK mag in each pocket.


This very cheap, very long and very dark air rifle scopes


These flip up sights made famous by Call of Duty Black Ops a game taking place in the 1970 were flip ups doesn't even existed yet.


This all time favorite was often seen on "tactical AKs" .. to often. An on Glock 18s of cause.


Recoil Pads for every one! Ugly as hell but they actually work.


And for the grandé finelé the bridge mount the fir every pistolé with a rail.

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