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NVMe2 SSD - Late Spawn Problem, anyone else?

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After all when i join a raid (mostly night raids in the last days), 80% im comming in late.

so my queue-time is about 1-3min. But when joining the raids and i'm up to let say shoreline resort on 45min left ingame. All rooms are open and looted, no PMCs, mostly no (alive) SCAVs.

So sometimes i can hear the last PMC leave the resort running away when i arive on 47min left ingame. But how could this be happen?

My guess is the matching server load the map when let's say 9/12 PMCs are on a running match. Than the game decidedd to trow me in this running game but with a full timer. This happens while my NVMe2 SSD, loaded the background data to fast.


Anyone else with NVMe2 SSDs out there that might have the same feeling about this?

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