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Servers are extremely awful after 4 years of development


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1 hour ago, BlooDxHound said:

When I play on a server where I have 40 ping, whilst I have 10MB/s internet, I die 3 seconds after I run behind hard cover.

There is absolutely ZERO incentive for them to EVER buy better servers.  The more people quit, the more they can say "Stand by, today we are releasing a patch to improve server performance.  Servers will not go down."  Basically, another 10k people quit signing in, so INCREASED SERVER PERFORMANCE!  YAY!

BTW I play on servers I have a 30 ping to, have 1,000 down and 50 up internet.  Still get the lag, desync and stuttering.  i7, 32 GB of RAM and 1080 Ti running off an SSD.  Now, not the newest system, not the fastest system but easily triple the "system requirements."

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Yeah really really low refresh rates and that video about how the game is client favored creates a lot of problems. Likely 30hz no more.

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Now i come to write the same. The servers are completely broken. Desync in every game, bullets that dont hit, bugs everywhere cant shoot or recharge another times. 

And the great news is that we will have a new backpack... 

Plz fix the servers problems first, we cant play happy with this servers. Are literally poo.

Change the provider or something because its not fun. I'm very frustated and i thinking to quit this game...


With ap20 vs korund full 45/45 they kill me with 1 hit in the chest. 

Yesterday with 2 BP of 7mm they kill me with 2 shots in the same arm...

Hits in the head of enemys at 5 meters but the bullet is lost by the server...

Now the game freezes in labs hitting him 20 times and the game says only 3 hits...


Everyday a new error/bug/desync in every game...


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Good marketing > Server Performance

 They have your money already and you cant get it back so why improve the game or its servers. When pop gets too low they just wipe and add some new stuff and the cycle repeats.

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@BlooDxHound @GhostZ69 @Blunt3dge @Nutcracker87 @RAIDx @kennyream66 @Zoanthid

Make sure you are reporting issues through the Game Launcher when you encounter an issue or suspected bug. 

I have attached a guide below to assist in the process.

I will stress the importance of including as much detail as possible including game screenshots and/or video if possible.  If after doing so you would like to DM me your report ID numbers to forward along please feel free.

Thanks and good luck out there!

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