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Skins and monetization


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Hello, are there plans in the future, perhaps when the full game is released, or perhaps in Russia 2028, for the in-game skins to become monetized?


Or, is there any or another planned monetization model that you are looking into implementing in the future?



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@Tullu @hipsu

Nikita/BSG has stated in several cases Escape From Tarkov will not have microtransactions (in-game purchases for IRL currency). 


March 2016, GameSpot Interview with Nikita Buyanov:


One hot-button issue today is micro transactions; will Escape from Tarkov have them?

Escape from Tarkov will be a traditional, full purchase. Not a free-to-play, microtransaction title.

November 2017, Making Games Interview with Nikita Buyanov:


Is “Free 2 Play” completely off the table or may it be a viable plan B, should your initial marketing plans fail?

Completely. No plan B, no microtransactions, only good old buy to play. Failure is not an option. Moreover, there are no conditions to indicate it – the current trend says we’re going in the right direction, so we’ll just stick to the plan.

April 2018, White Nights Conference, Prague (video timecode 1:41):


"First question was like will there be any microtransaction in the game? And  we we know that free-to-play  developers are constantly developing new and new ways to trick people and make more money and we personally do not want to spoil Escape From Tarkov with this and uh we simply decided not to go this way. No microtransactions, no free-to-play the game is buy-to-play and uh, this is it." - Nikita Buyanov


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