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Low GPU Usage after recent Patches


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Guys, i had a problem with low fps and low GPU usage,(not only in tarkov) finally after 2 weeks i solved this s**t. i have new ryzen 9 5900x with asus mobo, so PLS DONT INSTALL AI SUITE 3 - its worst than cancer, uninstalling and deleting from the registry did not help .Format c , fresh install win. installed only ryzen master. low gpu usage fixed and huuge fps boost (for me).   Maybe it will help someone.

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Having the exact same issue. Picked up a 3080 the other day and figured I'd try EFT again with the new card, upgrading from a 1080. The 1080 was giving me better frames back in September. Checkin

Hey Guys,   Hope someone here can assist me in the matter. I bought a 3080 end of October, and EFT was better than ever hitting Fps Cap on all maps with a few dips to 105-121 Fps here and th

I strongly assume that this is an issue in general with RTX 3080. I never had this issue with a Radeon 5700XT.  To be honest, I think it would be better to use the 5700XT for Tarkov instead of th

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same problem here. Fresh Windows install, drivers, bios, everything up to date.
As soon as KI spawns in the gpu voltage, gpu clock and cpu usage drops down.
When bosses are activated, the fps etc. drops down even lower.

Without scavs offline everythings running perfect: max fps all the time / ~ 80% gpu load / 1900 MHz core clock / ~ 200 W gpu voltage / 50 % cpu usage
With scavs offline: gpu load drops down to ~ 50 - 30% / ~ 90 - 100 W gpu voltage  / only 700!!! - 1000 MHz core clock / cpu usage drops down to ~ 15%

If i had to guess:
The KI is not calculated by cpu, but through vram and ram.
The 8 gigs vram of the rx 5700 xt are fully loaded all the time when KI is spawned.

Hope that they fix this with finally moving to the Unity 2019 version.

A possibility to activate cpu for calculating KI would help maybe?

Pc Specs

I5 10600K @ 5.000 MHz

32GB 3600Mhz Ram

500Gb Nvme Drive

RX 5700 XT

Resolution 1920*1080

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On 12/21/2020 at 7:29 AM, cmd_boild said:

@nickb2high seems to be a general issue with Geforce RTX.

Most people using an RTX GPU seem to ignore or don't care that Tarkov only uses 30-50% of their GPU performance.

A friend of mine has an RTX 3070 and experiences exactly the same.

I've found this thread from january 2020, where OP described exactly the same issue with his RTX 2060 Super:


Since this seems to be such an old topic, I have no hope that the Tarkov developers will fix this anytime soon.


NOO IT IS NOT AN RTX PROBLEM this has been happening to me for a long while. i have a 1060, the 1080 users seem to have it same with radeon. Its a problem across the board. its been happening to me for a long while now.

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i have this exact issue with my 6800XT annoying AF when i know it can do better.

BSG needs to fix this or i will end up stop playing.



R7 3700X

RX 6800 XT

32GB 3000Mhz Ram

1TB Kingston NVME SSD


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Facing the exactly same problem here with RTX 2080 OC & Ryzen 5 3600. GPU usage (and cpu usage) is low as hell -> pitiful fps -> no motivation to play :D. Changing settings in-game or in the NVCP doesn't really matter, even changing resolution (1440p -> 1080p) doesn't matter. Tried running pretty much every combination of settings, NVCP settings, map, weather, offline/online -> no help.



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I have been struggling with this issue since I started playing the game, about a month now. Reading through the posts I got an idea to max out video settings in-game to make it use more of GPU available power and low and behold I think it helped. I just did a scav run on Reserve and the game was a lot smoother. Hope this helps someone.

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Hi i also have the same problem i have Ryzen 3600X and and 16 gb of ram running at 3600 mhz and a gigabyte 2070 Super and in game on maps like reserve and shoreline i have only 40% or 45% GPU and my cpu is not even at 70% meanwhile my friends with older graphics cards get more fps than me and its really frustrating.

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Am 29.1.2021 um 12:58 schrieb Iro124:

Guys, i had a problem with low fps and low GPU usage,(not only in tarkov) finally after 2 weeks i solved this s**t. i have new ryzen 9 5900x with asus mobo, so PLS DONT INSTALL AI SUITE 3 - its worst than cancer, uninstalling and deleting from the registry did not help .Format c , fresh install win. installed only ryzen master. low gpu usage fixed and huuge fps boost (for me).   Maybe it will help someone.

So you installed a fresh win. So maybe the problem was not caused by AI SUITE 3 (I am Using AI Suite II) but maybe by an other problem, which you didn't even identify but which could have been solved by fresh win installation?


Thanks - Enomine

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Hi I am having the same issues as most other people 50-60% gpu usage and low fps (3080 & 3950x). Only Tarkov does this so save yourself a LOT of time and stress and stop messing with your systems. I have been a PC gamer for 30 years and worked in electronics for 10 and PC support for 20. I have read all the comments here and watched the videos and I'd like to pass a few comments -

Stop messing with you systems it's a Tarkov bug this game is still in beta they haven't got to the stage where they do the final optimisations yet. 

How do you know this? every other game works fine!!!!

These tweak guides are by and large rubbish they are rehashing loads of garbage that has little to no effect on your system other than making you waste time messing with stuff

GPU's are designed to be run at 100% end of. GPU's have built in protection for a whole number of power and heat issues and will manage themselves if you drive your card to hard i.e. over 95+ degrees C usually they will thermal throttle and slow down to reduce the temperature all by themselves you need to nothing and once cool they will speed themselves up again.

When you are looking at you boost clocks the 3080 is spec'd at 1700 MHZ boost!!!! 1900+ is the card overclocking itself beyond it's spec!!! If it goes up to 19xx then drops back down to 1900 this is the card balancing the thermals. Do the math the difference from 1999 to 1900 is 5% if your fps is dropping from 120 to 60 then this is NOT the problem. 

Don't manually set your graphics card settings, why? because nVidia have 2000+ Engineers who have done it better than you can and unless you're and extreme over clocker who knows what they're doing you're likely to either make it worse or damage your card. Prior to the 10xx series cards you could gain a lot with tweaking but since then the drivers automatically overclock your cards with the most stable settings. When the 3080's launched there were a some of them crashing mostly they were boosting to over 2000 MHZ which seems just a little too much since then the driver and firmware updates have limited them to under 2000 MHZ this has resolved most if not all issues.

3080's do not run better on intel hardware other than intel cores might be ever so slightly higher clocks but you are talking 1-3 fps difference. My 3950x was running at 4% usage not because it's not doing anything but because it has 16 cores and 32 threads and Tarkov is not written or optimised to use them. It's likely using 1 maybe 2 cores/threads.

Be patient ITS A BETA!!!!


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Hi guys!, I'm new to the game, I have a GTX 1080, 16 GB RAM @3200 and a Ryzen 2700X (PBO on), I'm having this low GPU usage as well, it gets between 24 and 33% of usage that's nuts, I hope it gets fixed soon, I'm liking the game so far but it should run better to enjoy it



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I too was having this problem. My Rig:

Ryzen 3900x

32 gb ram 3600mhz

Two 1TB m.2 drives

evga 3090 ftw3 ultra

MSI Creation motherboard

predater 31.5” 2k monitor


Go to userbenchmark dot com. Run a test of your pc performance. It will rate you amongst others with the same components. This showed me my ram and cpu were under performing. I realized xamp was not activated in my motherboard bios effectively running my ram at 3200 rather then 3600. I also realized my m.2 were a little too full. Then I reset my video card settings back to factory in nvidia control panel. Under program settings in nvidia control panel I made one for tarkov. I shut vsinc off, power management to maximum performance, and preferred refresh rate to highest available. 

Doing this, my frames in customs went from 50-60 to 90-100 FPS. Something to note is no matter my settings in tarkov, lowest or everything maxed, my frames didn’t change much. Also I was in 90+ percentile on all my hardware performance when I ran userbenchmark dot com. Hope this helps!

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