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Is it intended that someone shooting full auto at me has no muzzle flash?


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Check this clip out:

The guy shooting me was most likely behind the stairs at the end of the hallway. Yes, he was next to a bright light, yes, the rest of the room is dark - but i checked the footage in Sony Vegas zoomed in on him, with high contrast and slowed down, there was NO MUZZLE FLASH AT ALL. just from looking it was actually 100% impossible to tell where he was, there was no movement, no light, nothing. Is that a bug, or do all / some muzzle devices just completely remove the muzzle flash? If its the first, i guess im reporting it now, if its the later, is that not extremely unrealistic? Im no expert on the topic but i cannot imagine that any muzzle device can completely hide the flash so that you cant see anything.

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