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Canadian Dad, Tarkov Noob


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Hey guys !

My name is Kip - described as a 27 year old Dad without a dad-bod. ;)

I'm brand new to Tarkov - still learning the intricacies of each map as well as the game. I'm noticing that it's increasingly more difficult to navigate, loot, plan and provide my own sector security all at the same time, alone...

I'm looking for another noob to learn the ropes with... or a mentor, but I don't want you holding my hand - I must learn...

  1. Discord : Kipover #9332.
  2. Mic : Yes.

Feel free to add me. I don't care about age, gender, none of that noise... I need someone I can trust completely - no more blue on blue.

Thanks guys - I hope to hear from some of you...

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Hey Kip,

My name's Matt, I too am a Canadian dad and my son will be turning 1 on January. How many kids have you got and how old are they may I ask ? And just how do you find time to play this game ? I can only play an hour or less when I come back from work at night lol

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dang :D so many canadian dads!.. im also a canadian dad and have bein a stay at home dad i have 2 kids 1 girl 1 boy :D..there in school/day so my free time is usually on the computer!

im currently only lvl 13 on tarkov spent most of my time on interchange and still a massive noob :D i hate playing solo im always down to play feel free to msg me id love to learn new maps and get tasks done together or something i bein hella slacking on tasks


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Alaska dad here im looking for some players to group up with that are in my time zone  and fairly new I figure Canadians might want to join since we are neighbors ive only got woods map and shoreline map down mainly with the scav missions since everytime I play pmc im spawn killed or sniped from god knows where I don't have discord I have a mic I had a discord at one time but it was really confusing for me  im not even sure how to group up still researching 


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