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I cannot install tarkov after buying the standard edition


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I bought escape from Tarkov the standard edition today, I was able to install the launcher just fine but when I try to install the game one of two errors occur. I either get "downloaded file checksum does not match" or sometimes it will just download a folder called "lock" and says "can't access C:\Program Files\Escape_From_Tarkov\lock because it's being used by another process." I've tried every solution I can find online such as uninstalling and reinstalling the launcher, making sure my drivers are up to date, turning of antivirus and firewall, running in admin mode, deleting the game and I've even tried to install the game on another computer but I just get the same errors so I'm at a loss of what to do.

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My installer is on C: and I installed the game on D:/ like so.

1: Create a new folder on the drive you want. This is the new "temp" folder. (I called mine temp)

2: Create another folder called "Battlestate Games" on the drive you want.

3: Run installer, change temp folder setting to "temp" folder you created.

4: Launch install and select path to your created "Battlestate Games" folder.




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