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Middle Eastern/ Indian servers


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I have seen posts going back two years putting in requests and suggesting new servers for the middle east or india. I live in the middle east and the lowest ping that I can get is about 110 ms. I would have no problem as im sure also other players that are located in the middle east could agree with me that even an indian server would make a world of difference in gameplay. It would limit de-syncing, kicking, etc. I understand the pandemic could have taken a toll on the development and progression of this game but surely something could be done about this. I believe that its time that BSG finally looked into opening a middle eastern or indian server. Dubai is a great host as they host servers for games such as CSGO without any issues in lag.

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Due to routing, both Asian servers and the existing middle east servers located Turkey and Israel have terrible ping with players that aren't in the countries themselves, the best choice is either Dubai or Bahrain, even one in India would be a blessing.

What the OP wrote is correct aswell, the best ping is European servers like Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, and in the past year of gameplay, I've only had a handful of sessions under 100 ping. (Please note that my internet speed is 300 Mbps down and 60 Mbps up, and this is one of the only packages any normal human could afford without paying a fortune monthly.)

This topic is especially painful in this early wipe phase, as the servers are pretty unstable a lot of middle east players are getting booted off games left and right.

Pls give us Dubai

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