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Having crazy recoil on low recoil gun?


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Hey guys,

Yesterday I wanted to go in like crazy so I thought about going in with a M4A1 fully modded. The M4 had a recoil of 61 at first, then after some changes it had 56 and then after another change with barrel size or handguard it only made 53.

Now the werid thing, the M4 really kicked hard and if I say it kicked hard then I really mean it played like not 53 recoil but 65 or even 70.

Sadly I don't have footage for that or a screenshot :( Also I have no money anymore xd

But is there maybe like a thing that gives you a better actual recoil? Like other stocks even though they show less recoil?

My smaller barrel of the M4 actually made even less recoil when it had 61 recoil. It kicked less and the horizontal recoil wasn't that crazy as well as in the build of the 53 recoil.

Any tips on that? Do I forget something?

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vor 16 Minuten schrieb ArchMadman:

Their is a recoil control skill that can help lower your recoil

the higher the skill the lower it is

I know I know but I'm like lvl 38 so I believe it's not that low leveled. Also there were more guns where I had way less recoil 

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