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Idea to make game more likable for beginners


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I really like the game but I am noticing a small problem for beginners such as me. I am going into the game, spawning in as my PMC and go around looting then I encounter an enemy PMC. Thing is, I am level 3 with no armor and a simple AK while he is full stuff with guns and armor that make it impossible for me to win a fight. And problem is, same thing as Scav, encounter an PMC and die because he is level 47 while I am 3. The problem is, this happens often and that makes it hard for me to improve or get better loot. 

 A Fix to this issue would ether be -
1. Skill matchmaking - In a sense, it would match me with people that are my level, and have about the same amount of loot as I do. I personally don't see anything wrong with that, and if you do, please tell me.

2. Loot Rating or something - It would be matching you against people who have loot that could have some same rating as yours. This would mean if you wear level 4 armor with "level 4 guns", you be matched with people who have the same level, or 1 above or below. This would allow your fights to be more fair and equal. 

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