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Ammo Wpn Sighting


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I'm not sure if this has been considered but if it had, I'll remove the suggestion. I also understand that some streamers have already brought this up, but their names escape me at this moment. I am not trying to take their idea as my own.

Wpn sighting before going into raid at the hideout range (also making sure the gun is on what ever fire rate you want). This will allow you to make sure your ammo is hitting the target  at 100m, no matter what ammo you use. Understandably each gun is already on target for an ammo type already, but this will make the game more realistic  and allow better use of all ammo types.

How this can work: In the hideout, going into the scope/sight settings, moving the point of aim left/right, up/down a set amount (ie. 1 click = 3 inches at 100m) 

This will also allow better use of the sighting feature that is in raid already, as you will have a better idea of where your rounds are going from the start. This doesn't have to be done all the time, but can be done for better accuracy with the scopes being used with the ammo loaded.

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