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play voice in character creation


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vor 12 Minuten schrieb ShiroTenshi:


You can hear the voice when you select it. At least you should be able to, as i was when i was making my character.

btw Shiro, no more Gifts? Like we could on homepage of EFT redeem a gift when you was a long time player and had EOD. So this is gone?

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would be nice to select some options instead of full random. also the voices for me where super low. so i had to set my mixer to 100 instead of the usual 25 ish.

but mikhail is sounding the best out of the bear ones :D also my names michael. 

but i prefer my russian dude just because of the outfits.

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Yea I didn't even notice they were talking since it was so low but I assumed it wouldn't matter since I didn't really care what voice he had.

BUT now I'm stuck with someone wheezing so loudly that I'm no longer able to use the GSSH headset :(  (Im actually considering resetting since it's so annoying to listen to T_T)

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