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Early Game, Drops and GIft Packages


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I was wondering why you guys were deciding to drop a lot of stuff to the players just after we had a wipe. It has not even been a week and i see messages concerning twitch drops, which could be okay if the loot table is early game focused, like with barter items or low level armor and bare naked weapons. But then i see that the new years gift will have 900 rounds of 7.62x39 BP which 1. is too much and too powerful (47 pen goes through level 4 like butter and level 4 armor is not even obtained by alot of players.) and the only other way to get it would be to craft it with workbench level 3 so the gift is basically "skipping" the upgrades for 900 rounds. I am fine with everything else since the helmet and nvg will probably only be a one or two time thing and the nades run out, but 900 rounds of bp... is too much.

Please do something to preserve our early game, its one of the most enjoyable periods of playing the game and its only there for approximately 5% of the wipe... Please

Thanks for reading my post

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