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12.9 WOODS MAP General Available Information Compilation


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    I did some research and compiled all information regarding new woods map into a new map. feel free to build from here as this is not my map or location tags just added tags to map with true north.


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12 hours ago, MarcBorgia said:

Pretty cool, first time ive seen anything about the expansion. Do you know if they increased the pmcs on the map?

I also found this grey map and used it as basis for this map. Added some POI's and a GRID for co-ordinate navigation.

I still miss a lot of places, like exits and so on... But it is a start :) I hope you enjoy.


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Note on scav bridge: If you are traveling along river from sunken village you will be considered out of bounds and be shot at ~1/2 way to the bridge from the village. I personally think its kinda shitty as there are no visual indications that you are now in sniper area when traveling in this direction. Not sure if they intended it to be out of bounds there & forgot to put visual indication or if it was an oversight.

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I just died by the ATV to snipers thinking it was northern UN roadblock there are no signs so it was very unexpected watch out for that

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