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Decrease Rejoin Time, Rejoin QoL Suggestions


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Tarkov, I've been kicked from the game, a lot today. at least 3-4 times. It's getting pretty old.

Only half of those raids I can get back into them in time before I'm dead, the only time today that I did get back in was when it was pissing rain, thunder and lightening, because No one could hear me running on the spot during that I guess.

So, an idea: When you kick someone for High Packet Loss. DON'T UNLOAD the MAP. Because Holy Cow, that always takes 2 minutes for me on average, doesn't matter what Map, I have Tarkov on an SSD (Samsung 860 EVO 2.5in SATA SSD 1TB), I have a Very fast CPU (Intel Core i9 9900KF), an okay GPU (MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super Gaming X Trio 8GB) and it always takes 2 Minutes.

That is 2 minutes too long. If the game Crashed, that'd be Understandable. But if it's a KICK, Don't Unload That, if you're gonna give us the Option to rejoin.

Like, it gets me killed, All the time. Because on average it's 2 minutes to load the map, another 1 or 2 minutes to load the rest of the crud that's required to rejoin, and unless I'm in the middle of Nowhere with No One around, No Scavs either, then I Live! A lot of the time! It's great! But if it's either of the two around, Players or Scavs, they always seem to find my lagged out stompy feet. So Tarkov, it'd be Nice if for Players that have been disconnected from the match from anyway, their Player Model to be made to Go Prone if possible, then their current animations paused/canceled before resuming idle animations, so no running on the spot stompy feet that can be heard 3 miles away, 6 if you're wearing comtacs.

I dunno, but I feel like that'd be nice overall in general, and it'd be great for people that have shitty internet but good rigs that wanna play Tarkov, but get shat on all the time because they get kicked in a bush they were running through, their character is now addressing the Entire Server their location (even though Bush sounds have been reduced this patch) and they're gonna die.

But imagine it now with my supposed changes, instead of a 4 minute wait, knowing that your character is trying to be a bullet attention door, instead it'd be about a 2 minute wait and your character is waiting stealthily in a bush, prone, with the least risk of harm. Just think on that. It's not gonna fix Every Situation, but I think it'd be a Marginal improvement.

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