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New Trader with "Dog Tags"


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Hey Guys my name is OnlyReed and I have a small Idea in my head what I want to share it with you. 
I am sorry for my bad English, I try my best to explain it as good I can.

I don't play Tarkov for a long time, this it's my 3rd Wipe, but I was thinking about maybe a New Trader what's only work with Dog Tags. 
The Trader is something like a bounty hunter, and you can only trade Dog Tags to him, for let's say weapons, cases etc...(Here we can put all our ideas in).
As well maybe only "Bear Tags" for a bunch of spacial Items in a combination with LVL`s (the same for USEC Tags of course) for more "high LVL`s Dog Tags" you can get more high value stuff etc...

I hope you guys understand, in which kind of direction my ideas are going. This chance didn't affect many players of us in Tarkov in a negative kind of way, it's more for the PVP Players first to give them more reward out of their fights for focusing PVP. 
(BSG can put as well maybe super special trades for Dog Tags from EFT Streamers in, to give them a direct bounty... <- of course only, if then don't change their names every week.).

Why I think a Bounty Hunter Trader would be good for the game? Just because PVP is more useful for people they're really focusing in. And makes Dog Tags more us full for all of us. 

Okay, that's all guys... I hope all of you understand what I mean and ye, let me know what do you think. 

Have a good new year and stay safe.
"Head/eyes for the win" 

OnlyReed <3 Charles Bronson 80S GIF

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I think this sounds like a great concept, especially with the addition of the streamer-mode which would prevent stream-sniping, so players defeating a streamer and looting their special streamer-dogtag could be a total rush for them.

Could also make defeating pmcs much more rewarding despite the risks (although it is right now with their gear being lootable but i feel money/item wise it makes sense for me to just loot because im a bad pvper). Might make a specific hunt on pmcs even more satisfying.

But here it might be something where you might just get special useful attachements or things that dont directly impact your combat power. If those item would be very strong, players that got their foot in first could get so strong that they just blast anyone else.

But here the mindset of the game could incentivice the power you get from that trader, as its so much about the power you get, getting owned by someone just to at some point maybe own someone else!

keep it up!

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