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Slow download (200 kb/s)

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I've tried the usual fixes like setting the priority higher in task manager, opening as admin, turning off IPv6, using a VPN, and downloading the zip directly, but the download speed doesn't change. My normal speed is around 10 MB/s. I would rather not wait 30 hours to download this game.

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I've been having the same issue. I tried every single "solution" disabled Ipv 6, used VPN, changed DNS and nothing has make it go above 200kb

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I've been playing for about 2 years with no issue and this problem happened to me in september, I still haven't found a fix. They sent me the zip file link and it downloaded at the same speed 30 - 40 hours so i gave up.

I tried

Downloading the zip on my android phone router and mobile network, same issue

Downloading on my wifes apple phone router and mobile network, same issue. 

So the problem doesn't seem to be related to my router or my pc, or windows.

I get about 24kbs no matter what device i use.

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