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Unplayable stuttering only on Tarkov. (Explained in detail)

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PC Specs :

Intel i5 10400 CPU

16 gb RAM

Geforce GTX 970


I've been playing tarkov a while now and it seems this is the only game it happens on and has only started as of recently and seems to be getting progressively worse imo.

I get around 100+ FPS when playing.

What happens is when in a raid randomly it will start to slowly stutter and then get progressively worse the longer I play the game without restarting, it will just freeze / stutter and I have noticed when it starts to stutter and I get into combat or even get shot at, the stuttering will rapidly get worse during that gun fire, making the lag and stuttering even worse to where I am sometimes froze with 1 fps not being able to move which has happened a lot so far, sometimes looking at the floor / sky while this happens will help with increasing FPS while freezing. This isn't the only thing that happens, once I restart the game ALL of my desktop processes such as my browser become extremely slow taking ages to refresh a single page or to even unpause a youtube video, nothing will register for about 3-5 seconds.

The weird thing is when I restart Tarkov and get back on, it won't freeze / stutter for a while and will play as normal but my desktop processes will all still be very slow and even if reset, only thing I can do to make everything fast again is to have a restart on the PC.

At first, I thought this was a PC issue which is still could very well be but I only recently talked to other people that have this same issue so I cannot be the only one.

I have stress tested my GPU, made sure my SSD was healthy with R/W inputs, ran tests while it was stuttering to see if anything was diminishing and also looked at Task manager to see if there was any noticeable changes.

Oddly enough, nothing was wrong with the PC it showed on all tests.

So here I am, here to ask you fellow EFT players if anyone has any helpful input or has had this exact issue happen to them. Any help on how to fix this issue would be helpful as it's making the game unplayable for me and I will soon have to stop playing if it continues without any fix or recognition on how this issue is happening.

Appreciate any helpful responses.

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Im having the exact same issue and its been pissing me off cause this is the only game i play, and im 4 quests from kappa and now i cant even play the game. Whats the issue here BSG?

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On 21/02/2021 at 14:38, ZekeAkar said:

J'ai exactement le même problème et ça m'a énervé parce que c'est le seul jeu auquel je joue, et je suis 4 quêtes de kappa et maintenant je ne peux même pas jouer au jeu. Quel est le problème ici BSG?

Exactement comme vous ! de pire en pire, je peux plus jouer ..

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Same for me lag is the core of this game! i just bought a new computer and i got more lag on this computer then the old one that is 7 years old! and after the resent update.... is a nightmare!!!!! i can run 100 meters and then be teleported back 100 meters! me and a friend killed the scav boss on custom 5 min ago and they teleported around in the room and dident die from a 60 mag with bs/igl!!! uninstall is the only thing to do and forget about this poo! 2000k hours of piss!!!!!!!!!!!!

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