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BlueScreen while running tarkov.

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So i have been running into this problem after the latest patch / wipe. 

It has happened 2 times so far during raids.  -> Instant bluescreen and pc and game ...totally crashes. 

Hardware should NOT be a problem here...its software: 


I7 Processor

nvidia 2070 gtx (vram8gb)

Ram  16 gb

500 gb ssd


This did not happen before the game got updated. Probably some memory issue or something. Files beeing piled up in the background of the game. 

I have no clue. 


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I have a similar issue.  My game will crash/reboot mid raid every few hours.  Computer is brand new with a 3080

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The same problem happens to me... I have went to different videos and forums trying to see if those solutions will fix the problem but nothing.. its shitty buying the game and not being able to actually play the game because of the Blue Screen crashes.. If anyone can shoot any other solutions this way,  it would be appreciated 

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