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Download speed issues.

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I know this topic has been created for 10000000000000000 times already, but my friend is having some weird download speed issues for downloading the game.

Here is a following list of things that I've made him try on a discord livestream :

1) Disable IPV6.

2) Change the DNS address on his router and on his computer's network adapter.

3) Make him download a VPN software with my credentials.

4) Made him redownload the launcher along with telling him to completely delete all temp files created by BSG on his computer including the ones present in AppData.

5) Start the launcher in admin mode.

6) Made him update his chipset and network adapter drivers.

7) Made him update the c++ redistributables (but not the build tools).

At this point, I don't know what I've missed since this issue doesn't persist for me. The download speed just won't cross the 200kbps mark.

His network is completely fine and he has no issues with any other games or with any other online services whatsoever.

The only thing left for me to tell him  (which I can think of) is to reinstall windows, but I'm not going to tell him to do that for a videogame and there's a good chance he will tell me to go f*** myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers 😃 

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Same issue. Perhaps a torrent could be provided seeing as peer-to-peer doesn't seem to be an option in the launcher any more (as in the button will not check)?

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