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Login Problem, cant recieve E-Mails

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I cant login into my account in the Windows launcher because i wont get the security code send to my e-mail address

Login into the website works so my Password and E-mail/Username are correct

I tried resetting my Password but i cant recieve anny E-mails from Battlestate Games

I checked for Spam Filters on my E-mail and added "[email protected]" as Friends so the E-mail cant get marked as Spam

My Mailbox isnt full i can recieve anny other E-Mails

Screenshot 2021-01-03 202627.png

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I've been having the same issue since yesterday. Launcher needs a verification code, but the email apparently never gets sent. And there is no option for "send again" like most pages have. Tried for 2 days in a row now but still no luck. also the same issue when I try to login on the homepage, so I can't even create a support ticket. It's asking for a verification code which I never received... Hope this will get fixed soon so I can claim my drops before they expire.

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I'm having the same issue currently..

Using yahoo mail.. wrote a support ticket, waiting for dev reply. 

Will keep you posted if i get a reply. 

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