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Buying on flea market while building preset


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me and my friends having the problem that i cannot build my weapons out of the building preset screen. When I click buy missing parts I can only buy parts that are sold by the traders. When I switch filter from "trader" to "any" it won't show me active flea market offers. Only solution for me is to build the weapon in preset mode and then go to flea market and buy the cheapest offer. 


Can anyone help me? I tried the search function but I didn't find any related posts.


greetings and a happy new year to you!

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Its happening for me also.

To allow you to see the traders only option hit the x next to the remove barter items and then you will see the "Owner type Traders" and you can hit the x to get rid of it.

If you modify any filter options it resets to trader only which is a pain.

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