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Money Disappearing between raids

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I started a raid with having over 2 mil roubles, after the raid I have like 400k.  

didn't sell anything, just ran a raid.  No idea how or why that happened.  

I checked the market to see if I accidently listed something at a really high price, but I'm at 0/3 for flea market transactions.  

submitted bug report.  I think this happened before too, I noticed money was missing after a raid but it wasn't very much.  so I just chalked it up to maybe miss remembering something.

This time it's super obvious as it was 2.4 mil before raid, and 400k after raid....

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I found the culprit.

a market fee bug.  I sold something before the raid, and I didn't check to see the fee as I imagined that everything has the same fee % rate that you sell on the market.

2021-01-04[05-04] (0).png

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i just had exactly the same, even my money balance was similar to yours..

Sold those rye croutons? I tought a good deal, like how there are almost only trades for that...
Came back 3 times out of raid with those croutons and sold them on the market....lill did I know I was screwing myself
So what now, u gonna get back that money?

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Same thing happened to me although i lost only 200k. Didnt list anything on the flea market before going in to raid and it just randomly dissapeared

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On 1/4/2021 at 12:09 PM, XariusX said:

a market fee bug

Is not a bug. It’s wanted, you’re trying to sell an item at much more than its maximum price on the market.

Karma is a ... you know 😂

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its to prevent rmt. the item has a value of about 300k and people are willing to pay the price, but bsg tells you to not do it.

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I think this is bullshit. At least it should WARN you when this happens with a popup!
I lost ~500K roubles by accidentally making a typo while selling 60 bullets, and didnt notice until 2 raids later . . .
500K may not sound like much but with me not being all that good at the game it's made me bankrupt 😢

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