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Server connection lost

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Always been getting this stupid error messange when i'm playing with my friend. it sometimes even happends when i'm playing alone. i am really tired from this poo. i am constantly being kicked from servers, losing loot, money, and alot of other stuff, i tried everything, changing dns... vpn... videos on youtube... still, nothing. i paid 45 dollars a year ago for this game and i think this game servers need to be fixed. anyone has a soultion for this? or this is just a bug like anything else? this game is driving me crazy.

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same problem here....

playing on german server only as german and connection lost constantly,

other near servers same problem...

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Same thing here... Just bought the game yesterday, only managed to complete 2 games without getting disconnected.. Must be the European servers having an issue.

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ok think i found a fix for me,

just picked manually servers from other regions,

When ur in europe, dont play on any europe server if ur encountering this problem,

my nearest not EU servers with the best ping for me are ME servers xD 

i just picked turkey and israel since that no single  "server connection lost"!


maybe give that a try

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One solution for me was:

With some netcards comes a software that is related to wireless networks called  KillerNetworkService.

This software was the reason my connection got lost in every game few times. Just go to taskmanager and from processes check if this software is on.

it is connected somehow to wireless networks but in my case atleast, im using wired connection so it messed up my connection somehow and just shutting down the process from taskmanager fixed the problem for me. now i dont get connection lost at all.

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