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Custom Map Loading Problem

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It's been a few days since I bought the game and I started playing it directly. My first problem with the game was that the game files were not verified after downloading the client and therefore I manually changed the location of the game files. After solving this problem, I started playing directly. I started playing the Factory map and everything was going well, the game was loading in a not very long time (about 2-3 minutes). However, when I entered the Custom map as PMC for the mission, the game started to freeze on the loading screen and then to overload when loaded. Then I was kicked out of the game and got "Server Conection Error". When I entered offline, the Custom map was loaded. Likewise, when I entered as SCAV, it loaded, opened, and after a little freezing, it recovered and became playable. I am having this problem in the Customs map and I have seen RAM related solutions on the internet. I have 8GB RAM and I have a GTX 1050 on my graphics card. How can I solve it if the problem is caused by RAM.

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